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Railroad Links Directory: Top : Freight Railroads : Class 2 and Regional Railroads : Page 2

Freight Railroads : Class 2 and Regional Railroads

Links to Class I freight railroads. All of these links are official railroad sponsored websites. For "railfan" websites, see our Specific Railroad and Historical Society links sections. You can find links to locomotive roster information on our Rosters page.

There are 31 links in this category

Iowa Interstate Railroad, Ltd. (IAIS)
Iowa Interstate Railroad, LTD is a privately held Delaware Corporation and subsidiary of Railroad Development Corporation. It is also one of the few Regional Railroads that connects with the entire Class 1 railroad system (BNSF, UP, CN, CP, KCS, CSXT, and NS) at multiple locations.

Our service runs from Council Bluffs, Iowa to Chicago with a branch line to Peoria, Illinois. We also provide daily service to Cedar Rapids, Iowa over the CIC railway. As a result, IAIS customers have the capability to ship and receive their goods to or from anywhere in North America. We also provide Intermodal facilities at Blue Island, Illinois and Council Bluffs, Iowa. Our service pattern is 7 days per week between the Omaha area and Chicago. We also offer access to the Mississippi and Illinois River terminals for rail to barge or barge to rail service. Trans-load facilities are also located in Council Bluffs and Newton Iowa.

Info: URL: https://iaisrr.com/ (Added: 16-Dec-2000)
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Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad (KO)
Wichita, KS Central Region
The Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad (KO) began operations in July 2001. With 840 miles of track reaching out in three directions from Wichita, KS to the Colorado border, the KO carries more than 50,000 carloads annually.One of the largest single short lines in the industry, the KO carries diverse agricultural commodities such as grain and grain products, and industrial products such as chemicals and paper.

The K&O represents the commitment Watco has to providing U.S. agriculture and industry a quality and competitive, transportation solution. With the teamwork of shippers, suppliers and governmental entities, the acquisition clearly demonstrated the spirit of community that exists when varied organizations cooperate toward developing a solution with common goals.

Info: URL: https://www.watcocompanies.com/services/rail/kansas-and-oklahoma-railroad-ko/ (Added: 11-Jan-2002)
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Kyle Railroad (KYLE)
The Kyle Railroad is a short-line railroad that runs from North Central Kansas into Eastern Colorado. With approximately 500 miles of track, the KYLE offers interchanges with BNSF, NKCR and UP.

The major commodities moving on the KYLE include wheat, soybeans, milo maize, alcohols, siding asphalt and roofing granules. The KYLE moved more than 21,000 cars in 2010 over its tracks, providing the customers with a dependable and safe transportation solution to movement of their commodities.

Info: URL: https://www.gwrr.com/railroads/north_america/kyle_railroad#m_tab-one-panel (Added: 30-Sep-2000)
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Missouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad (MNA)
The Missouri & Northern Arkansas Railroad (MNA,) headquartered in Carthage, Missouri, operates approximately 594 miles of line in Arkansas and Missouri. It provides a critical link through this area, connecting with Class I carriers of UP, BNSF, and KCS to transport product across all of North America.

The major commodities generally moved are coal, grain, frozen foods, minerals, steel, chemicals, asphalt, sand and forest products. The MNA represents a critical corridor for moving more than 108,000 carloads per year.

Info: URL: https://www.gwrr.com/railroads/north_america/missouri__northern_arkansas_railroad#m_tab-one-panel (Added: 21-Dec-2000)
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Montana Rail Link (MRL)
MRL stretches over 900 miles of some of the most beautiful country in the world and employs approximately 1,000 people. Our employees are passionate about what they do and work at various locations across southern Montana from the Billings, Montana region all the way west to Spokane, Washington.

MRL continually strives to be the Best of the Best in safety, customer satisfaction and ingenuity. In addition to being an important link in transcontinental shipments of grain, forest and other products; MRL also provides critical service to the many industries in Montana. We provide essential access from the remoteness of Montana to points anywhere in the United States and many locations worldwide.

Info: URL: http://www.montanarail.com (Added: 25-Oct-1998)
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Nebraska Kansas Colorado Railway Inc. (NKCR)
Nebraska, Kansas & Colorado Railway (NKCR) owns and operates approximately 559 miles of track in three states and carries a diverse mix of traffic including wheat, corn, coal, and fertilizer.

NKCR has benefited from its ability to attract high throughput grain elevators to its lines due to its superior service record and excellent relationship with BNSF. More specifically, NKCR recently made considerable track improvements in conjunction with upgrade investments by the owners of grain elevators at Venango, Loomis and Maywood, Nebraska, each of which now loads 110-car shuttle trains. In addition to grain, NKCR ships inbound coal to the largest power plant in Nebraska.

Info: URL: http://omnitrax.com/our-company/our-railroads/nebraska-kansas-colorado-railway-llc/ (Added: 21-Dec-2007)
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New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway (NYSW)
The NYSW operates over 400 miles of track in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania and is 286,000 pound gross weight capable on all lines. We serve over 85 Customers and transport a wide range of commodities such as feed ingredients, lumber and other building materials, chemicals and aggregates for Customers in New York State; and plastics, lumber, food products, paper products, motor vehicles, chemicals, aggregates, and metals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Info: URL: http://www.nysw.com/ (Added: 25-Mar-2015)
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Northern Plains Railroad (NPR)
Northern Plains Railroad (NPR) began operations in January of 1997 on a railroad branch formerly known as the "Wheat Lines" and has grown tremendously since our beginning. We now lease 388 miles of branch line track in North Dakota and Minnesota from Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), and operate lines owned by Mohall Railroad, Inc. (MRI), and Mohall Central Railroad, Inc. (MHC), which were purchased from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF).

At NPR, our goal is to deliver unbeatable transportation service to customers while providing excellent careers for employees. We reach for these goals with the same spirit that first brought these rails to the prairie. The hard work and dedication of our employees and overall commitment to growth show in an ever-growing customer base. Today, we ship more freight than ever before, run four times the number of locomotives, operate 100 more miles of track, and employ three times the number of people since who worked for us when we first started.

Info: URL: http://www.nprail.com/ (Added: 25-Mar-2015)
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Paducah & Louisville Railway (PAL)
The Paducah & Louisville Railway is a full-service, 265-mile, regional railroad with alpha code of PAL and numeric code of 907. We connect directly with four of the seven North American Class I carriers (the BNSF, CSXT, CN and NS). We interchange unit coal trains with the UP and connect with regional railroad (INRD) and two short lines (the LIRC and FVRR).

Our service is further enhanced by our geographic proximity to the nation's highway and inland waterway systems. We have a close relationship with water carriers and serve several rail-barge-rail transfer facilities on the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers. Several bulk terminals, warehouses, and transload facilities are located on our line. Several sites are available for new industrial development along our railroad.

Info: URL: http://www.palrr.biz/ (Added: 25-Mar-2015)
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Pan Am Railways (ST)
Pan Am Railways is North America's largest regional railroad system. PAR's routes stretch from Saint John and St. Leonard, NB to Rotterdam Jct., NY and Derby, CT.

PAR consists of the Springfield Terminal (ST) and Pan Am Southern (PAS). A haulage agreement with the Irving family of railroads extends ST's reach into Northern Maine and New Brunswick. The combined system, including haulage rights, totals approximately 1700 route-miles. PAR's connections include all four eastern Class I systems (CN, CP, CSX, NS) as well as over 20 regional and short line railroads.

Info: URL: http://panamrailways.com/ (Added: 24-Jul-2000)
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