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Railroad Links Directory: Top : Historical Societies : United States : Page 6

Historical Societies : United States

General railroad historical societies in the United States.

There are 69 links in this category

Pennsylvania - Mack Locomotive Restoration
Locomotives #3 & #4 on March 01,1924 were originally built by GE as trolley freight motors for the Southwest Missouri Railroad Company at a cost of $30,900.00. The Mack Truck Company in 1939 purchased #3 & #4 and loaded them onto railroad flat cars in Joplin, MO for delivery to the Allentown, PA plant. The two locomotives were rebuilt into experimental gas electric locomotives with Mack EP gasoline engines, and two 300 volt GE 1503 generators that were wired in series “in theory” to provide 600 volts to the traction motors. However the result was that this design method proved to not be very a efficient electrical system and at times tended to be problematic. The two locomotives were used as plant switchers at the Mack truck factory until 1960. The Mack Truck Company produced a total of 23 locomotives between 1905 to 1939 with only five small 4 wheel units remaining today, and Mack locomotive #4 is the only 8 wheel unit still in existence. The #3 & #4 were also the last locomotives ever to be built or rebuilt by Mack Trucks, Inc. The company between 1951 and 1954 produced another 10 diesel powered self-propelled passenger railcars. Then in 1956 the last two units sold were repurchased back by Mack and rebuilt to another customers specifications. The two units were resold in 1958 and 1959, and the Mack Truck Company completely exited out of the railway business in 1960. In early 2008 it had been rumored that if new guardians could not be found for the #3 & #4 locomotives, that they both would see the scrappers torch due to the high increase dollar value of scrap iron. However there uncertain fate changed because a relationship had developed between the current owner of the two Mack locomotives and the McHugh family resulting in a positive future for one locomotive #4. The McHugh family’s nostalgia for old Mack #4 along with it being a part of Pennsylvania’s industrial railroading heritage is why they wanted to see it persevered.
Info: URL: http://www.mchugh4macklocomotive.com (Added: 19-Aug-2008)
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Pennsylvania - Portage Area Historical Society
Portage, PA - The Portage Area Historical Society was formed in 1992 as a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation. We are dedicated to the preservation, education and exploration of the rich history of Portage, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding local area.

The Historical Society manages the Portage Station Museum located in the 1926 original (restored) railroad depot building in Portage. The museum contains extraordinary displays of area history and culture formed through the influences of coal mining, railroads, steel, forests, water, and recreation. Dedicated volunteers staff, manage, and operate the museum, its programs and activities

Info: URL: http://www.portagepa.us/ (Added: 30-Oct-2016)
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Pennsylvania - Susquehanna Valley Railway Historical Society
The Susquehanna Valley Railway Historical Society is a public service to rail enthusiasts and others interested in rail transportation and history in the Southern Tier of New York and the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania
Info: URL: http://www.trainweb.org/SVRHS/ (Added: 28-Oct-2010)
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Railroad Historical Society Index
This index was prepared as an aid for the "Railroad Historical Database Project". It is intended to include the major railroad companies of the 1930-1950 era in alphabetical order, and the historical societies which cover them, where known. The railroad list is somewhat arbitrary, and has been augmented with short lines and contemporary railroads for which there are societies. For some railroads with no historical society, but with a museum dedicated to that railroad, the museum is listed. Links are provided to websites and E-mail addresses, where available. Some websites are indicated as "unoffcl." because they are maintained by members, but are not officially sanctioned by the society. Some individuals maintain private websites dedicated to the history of a specific railroad, and since these often provide much information of interest, some are listed although they are not historical societies as such.
Info: URL: http://www.rrhistorical.com/rrpro/database.html (Added: 12-Jun-2000)
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Railroad Station Historical Society
Historical data on railroad and electric railway passenger and freight depots, interlocking towers, roundhouses, shop buildings, and other structures throughout North America.
Info: URL: http://www.rrshs.org/ (Added: 10-Sep-2000)
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Railway & Locomotive Historical Society, Inc.,
The Railway & Locomotive Historical Society, Inc., founded in 1921, is the oldest organization in North America devoted to railroad history, and among the first anywhere to pursue formal studies in the history of technology. The Society promotes research and encourages preservation of documentation and photography of business history, finance, labor history, and biography as well as technology.
Info: URL: http://rlhs.org (Added: 24-Mar-2015)
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Society for Industrial Archeology
The SIA is made up of members, world-wide, who have a strong interest in preserving, interpreting and documenting our industrial past and heritage. Whatever your profession or favorite pursuit, if you share our interest in the industrial past, we welcome you to join us.

With headquarters at the Department of Social Sciences at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan, the SIA is the North American forum for those who share an interest in industrial archeology. Through the organization’s four principal activities-an annual spring conference, an annual fall tour, semiannual journal, and quarterly newsletter-SIA members share their knowledge and raise awareness of the value of preserving the physical evidence of industry and technology.

Info: URL: http://www.sia-web.org/ (Added: 28-Oct-2016)
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Steam Railroading Institute
Owosso, MI - The Steam Railroading Institute, dedicated to educating the public about steam-era railroad technology, is the product of the Michigan State Trust for Railway Preservation Inc. For many years, the MSTRP centered on a single steam locomotive, former Pere Marquette Railway No. 1225. After 1225’s retirement, the locomotive was donated to Michigan State University in 1957, and through the efforts of MSU and Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Board Member Forest Akers. Displayed as an icon of the steam-era, it sat at MSU until 1969, when a group of students took an interest in the locomotive. The Michigan State University Railroad Club was formed at that time with the ambitious goal of restoring 1225 and using it to power excursion trains that would bring passengers to football games at the university. After toiling away at the locomotive for many years, the Michigan State University Railroad Club evolved as the Michigan State Trust for Railway Preservation and started its corporate run in July of 1979. Recognizing the daunting task that was ahead of them, the early MSU students saw the necessity to form a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and in 1981, Michigan State University donated 1225 to the newly formed MSTRP. The locomotive was moved to Owosso to former Ann Arbor Railway Backshop in 1982, and restoration of the locomotive continued until 1985, when it moved under its own power for the first in 34 years. Since 1988, #1225 has been maintained in operable condition, and serves a the largest piece of operating steam equipment in the MSTRP/ SRI collection.
Info: URL: http://michigansteamtrain.com/ (Added: 13-Jun-2000)
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Texas - New Braunfels Historic Railroad and Modelers Society
New Braunfels, TX - The New Braunfels Historic Railroad and Modelers Society (NBHRMS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of railroad artifacts and education. Our members have a diverse cross section of interests including railroad history, artifact collection, railfanning, and model railroading in all scales.

We have a variety of artifacts and photographs from the golden age of railroading on display. Many of them are directly related to past New Braunfels operations of the International & Great Northern, MOPAC, and MKT railroads. The museum is open to the public at NO CHARGE and all are welcome!

Right next to the museum, is one of the busiest North/South Union Pacific railroad tracks. Over 30 trains pass by each day. Many of these trains run between Canada and Mexico, so it is not unusual to see Canadian and Mexican locomotives. The San Antonio to Chicago AMTRAK passenger train passes by twice per day (Northbound in the morning and Southbound in the early evening).

Info: URL: http://newbraunfelsrailroadmuseum.org/public_html/ (Added: 16-Dec-2016)
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Texas - Railroad and Transportation Museum of El Paso
El Paso, TX - Bringing together individuals and organizations supporting the concept of the Railroad Museum of El Paso! (Note, at the time of publication, the museum was still in the planning stages.)
Info: URL: http://elpasorails.org/ (Added: 28-Oct-2016)
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