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Railroad Links Directory: Top : Live Steam : Railroads and Clubs - United States : Page 7

Live Steam : Railroads and Clubs - United States

Live Steam Railroads and Clubs: Live steam railways in the United States. These are large scale railways, often large enough to ride on and powered by a variety of fuels including steam, battery and internal combustion.

There are 123 links in this category

Michigan - North American Model Engineering Society (N.A.M.E.S.)
Michigan based scale model builders that hold a yearly Expo that the public can attend. Several hundred gas, steam, diesel, hot air engines on display. This EXPO is held at the Yack Arena in Wyandotte, Michigan and is attended by thousands of model engineering enthusiasts and vendors of model engineering materials and supplies.

The North American Model Engineering Society (NAMES) is dedicated to promoting the hobby of model engineering by sponsoring the annual North American Model Engineering Exposition.

Info: URL: http://www.namesexposition.com/ (Added: 3-Jan-2001)
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Michigan - Roscommon Historic Model Train Club
Roscommon, MI - The Roscommon Historic Model Train Clubs mission is to educate and promote public interest in the building and operation of model trains. We are committed in promoting fellowship of our members, as well as creating public awareness of the fun and excitement associated with this great hobby.

There are currently displays of N, H.O., S, O, and G scale trains in the clubhouse. The 1.5" scale ride-on track layout was completed in spring 2012. The train was donated to the club by local residents and we are recently completed the rebuilding of the locomotive and rolling stock. The gas powered locomotive was rebuilt during the cold weather months this past winter and now has a hydraulic drive system.

Info: URL: http://www.roscommontrainclub.org/ (Added: 9-Nov-2016)
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Michigan - Sandy Ridge & Clear Lake Railway Ed Pick
Sandy Ridge & Clear Lake Railway, a 7 1/2 inch narrow gauge Battle Creek, MI. Most of the equipment is built to 3 3/4" scale and patterned after the Maine Two Footers. The railroad is built on 29 acres of mostly woods in Michigan. The property is also rolling so that most of the railroad is on a grade. Site features some really nice photos of this woods railway.

The SR&CL is an operating, narrow gauge railroad, with equipment patterned after the Maine Two Footers and built to 3 3/4" scale. The Route is point to point, with about 5400 feet of main line, 90 feet of elevation difference, and three branch lines. The railroad hauls firewood, logs and rock with some passenger traffic, along with the building materials for its own construction, which currently includes a new branch line. The railroad runs year round, including winter with plowing snow

Info: URL: http://www.srclry.com/ (Added: 27-Feb-2000)
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Michigan - White Creek Railroad
Cedar Springs, Mi - The White Creek Railroad is a private 7.5-inch gauge track constructed by Russ and Mara Eldred and is located in a rural country setting in Western Michigan on approximately 120 acres of land. The track meanders through densely wooded hills and open fields, across marshy lowlands and nearly encompasses two picturesque lakes.

On May 1, 2000 the railroad statistics included 5 miles of mainline with 6.5 miles total track, over 1000 feet of trestles, 190+ switches, bi-directional running with 30 passing sidings, 30 signal blocks, 27 industry spurs, 2 yards, and 9 junctions.

Info: URL: http://www.whitecreekrr.com/ (Added: 8-Nov-2016)
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Missouri - Magic City Line Mini Train
Moberly, MO - The Magic City Line transports passengers of all ages on a great adventure. The miniature train leaves Lions Station for a one plus mile trip through Rothwell Park. There are special seats available that make riding comfortable for the elderly and disabled.

The trains, rails, and gardens were built by volunteers of the Rothwell Park Railroad, often working with donated and shared materials. The group operates under the Moberly Friends of the Park Foundation, a 501c3 Missouri corporation. The railroad operates through the sale of rides or group events, donations, and grants.

Info: URL: http://www.moberlyminitrain.com/ (Added: 6-Nov-2016)
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Missouri - St. Louis Live Steamers
Eureka, MO - The St. Louis Live Steamers is an organization interested in the construction of large scale model railroads, in steam railroad history and operations, and in steam technology generally. The SLLS seeks to share these interests with the general public and provide opportunities in the community for everyone to learn about steam railroad history and technology. The name of the SLLS is taken from the traditional industrial term "live steam" which is steam under pressure capable of doing real work, in contrast to spent or exhaust steam.

We are located 20 minutes west of Saint Louis in the Eureka city park: Kircher Park, right off highway I-44.

Info: URL: http://www.stlouislivesteamers.org/ (Added: 8-Nov-2016)
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Missouri - The Wabash Frisco and Pacific Railroad Association, Inc.
The Wabash, Frisco, and Pacific Association invites you to come aboard their 12 inch gauge steam Railroad. The Railroad is open every Sunday, May thru October. Trains start their scheduled departures from the station at 11:15; the final train leaves at 4:15. The ride lasts about 30 minutes and travels along the scenic Meramec River. The WF&P is a non-profit, educational organization operated by members of the WF&P Association.
Info: URL: http://www.wfprr.com (Added: 12-Jun-2000)
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Nebraska - Camp Creek Railroad
Waverly, NE - Our track is 7.5 inch gauge. We have a combined total of about 1 mile of track, consisting of two loop, connected by a single track mainline.

​ The North Loop contains two sidings, with access to the Yards. There are 4 yard tracks, many of which are full of trains, engines and equipment during our bigger meets and run days. A 20 foot transfer table allows access to ten 20 foot steaming bays and a 40 foot shipping container, serving as our engine house. The South Loop has a siding, water tank and depot. ​

Our track is located, on the grounds of the Camp Creek Threshers, east of the Waverly Middle School, Waverly, NE.

Info: URL: http://www.ccthreshers.org/camp-creek-railroad (Added: 6-Nov-2016)
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Nebraska - Chippewa Northwestern Railway Society
Goehner, NE - Welcome to the Chippewa Northwestern Railway Society's webpage. The Chippewa Northwestern Railway Company is a one-inch scale railroad. Located on the grounds of the Seward County Historical Society’s Museum at Goehner, Nebraska. On the second and fourth Sundays May through October the general public can ride FREE behind one-inch scale steam locomotives. The Chippewa’s main objective at Goehner is to provide hands-on access to all interested hobbyists of Live Steam Railroading, in particularly one-inch scale Live Steam.
Info: URL: http://www.the-chippewa.org/ (Added: 8-Nov-2016)
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Nevada - Las Vegas Railroad Society
Las Vegas, NV - The Las Vegas Railroad Society is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization with high standards and principles.

It is the Las Vegas Railroad Society's ongoing mission to collect, preserve and exhibit historical railroad and mining equipment inside Las Vegas' new addition of a 'Railroad Heritage Exploratorium' for educational, historical and cultural enrichment.

We will 'bring to life' the industries and cultural heritage of the late 19th and early 20th century by using the medium of operating trains; educating the public about our city's and nation's railroad history and tomorrow's new railroad technologies.

Info: URL: http://www.lasvegasrailroadsociety.org/ (Added: 8-Nov-2016)
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