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Railroad Links Directory: Top : Locomotives and Rolling Stock : Steam Locomotives

Locomotives and Rolling Stock : Steam Locomotives

These sites feature steam locomotives. Some will cover a specific type of locomotive, while others will cover a certain railroad or era.

There are 42 links in this category

Big Boy - Union Pacific Class 4000 Pop
Starting in 1941, Alco Locomotive Works built 25 of the biggest locomotives that ever lived. The main reason being the Wasatch Mountains, particularly Sherman Hill. BigBoy Information Center: everything you ever wanted to know about BigBoy
Info: URL: http://www.trainweb.org/jlsrr/bigboy/bigboy%20mainpage.htm (Added: 11-Aug-2000)
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21st Century Steam - The 5AT Project
Wardale Engineering and Associates. Proposed high performance 4-6-0 locmotive. The 5AT is a totally new steam locomotive design, incorporating the latest proven steam locomotive technology, for hauling main line steam charter and railcruise trains. With a 100% increase in thermal efficiency over "classic" steam, and 3500 horsepower available from the cylinders (more than a "Deltic"), its perfomance will amply demonstrate what could have been achieved had steam locomotive development been fully exploited in the 20th Century.
Info: URL: https://www.5at.co.uk/ (Added: 23-Feb-2002)
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BDA's Train Blog
A blog about steam locomotives, especially about Romanian steam locomotives, which also contains articles about railroads in general, even model railroads.
Info: URL: http://bda-train-blog.blogspot.com/ (Added: 28-Oct-2010)
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Berkshires & Kanawhas
The development of the 2-8-4 wheel arrangement for steam locomotives was a result of an effort by the Lima Locomotive Works to improve on the speed and horse power of the USRA Mikado (2-8-2) locomotive, which was designed by the United States Railroad Administration during World War I. The USRA design had difficulty keeping up steam over long periods and often experienced wheel slippage.

Lima Locomotive Works' engineer William E. Woodward started with a New York Central Class H-7 "Mikado" type locomotive and added a larger firebox, creating an experimental Class H-10 "Mikado". He then went one step further and designed a locomotive with a 100 square foot firebox. This larger firebox required a four-wheel trailing truck to support it. The resulting locomotive was designated Class A-1, and it was the first 2-8-4.

This new 2-8-4 locomotive was sent to the Boston & Albany Railroad by Lima in the early spring of 1925 for tests on that railroad. In several test runs over a division of the railroad that crossed the Berkshire Hills, the demonstration locomotive, which carried road number "1" hauled up to 2500 tons. The most dramatic test occurred on April 14, 1925. A Class H-10, 2-8-2 "Mikado" type steamed eastbound from the Selkirk Yard pulling a 46 car, 1691 ton, train. About 47 minutes later the Class A-1 demonstrator led a 54 car, 2296 ton, in the same direction. The demonstrator Class A-1 arrived at North Adams Junction ten minutes ahead of the Class H-10. Soon after these impressive tests, the Boston & Albany ordered forty-five of these new locomotives. Being the first railroad to use this new wheel arrangement the B&A chose to call them "Berkshire" type.

Info: URL: http://www.steamlocomotive.com/locobase.php?country=USA&wheel=2-8-4 (Added: 12-Jun-2000)
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Big Boys - UP 4-8-8-4's
The 4-8-8-4 wheel arrangment was unique to both the United States and to the Union Pacific Railroad. No other railroad and no other country made locomotives anything like these.

Many consider the 4-8-8-4s or "Big Boys" to be the largest steam locomotives ever built in the entire world. It would be hard to argue differently.

When the Union Pacific created plans to have a locomotive designed that could haul 3,600 ton trains unassisted over the Wahsatch Mountains east of Ogden, UT, they had plans to give the name "Wahsatch" to this wheel arrangement. However, during the construction of the first of these locomotives, an ALCO machinist wrote the words "Big Boy" on the smokebox of the locomotive. The name stuck and became the name of this locomotive type.

Info: URL: http://www.steamlocomotive.com/locobase.php?country=USA&wheel=4-8-8-4 (Added: 23-Nov-1998)
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Welcome to BoilerSaver™ Trademark Registered Bring your steam operation into the 21st century.
You will see savings of 30% or more in fuel usage and a corresponding increase in available power.
Scale, wet steam, foaming, and carryover will disappear.
Pitting, rusting, and corrosion of boiler parts will stop or slow down dramatically.
In use by over 10,000 happy engineers all over the world.
The same products used in large industry, power generation, and the most demanding applications are now available for steam railroads, farm engines, automobiles, steamboats, scale live steam locomotives, and models.

Info: URL: http://www.boilersaver.com (Added: 17-Apr-2020)
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Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal #16
BEDT #16 is one of the steam locomotives that gained fame operating in Brooklyn until October 1963, almost a decade after the mainline railroads in the area had switched to diesel locomotives.
Info: URL: http://members.trainweb.com/bedt/bedt/BEDT16.html (Added: 15-Jul-2000)
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Cab Forward - Southern Pacific Cab Forward Locomotive
For the Southern Pacific, the principal reason for this cab location was the 38-mile series of snow sheds between Truckee and Blue Canyon that were built to keep the line open in the winter, when drifts of 50-200' piled up in the Sierras. In 1909, Baldwin delivered two 2-8-8-2 Mallets(4000 & 4001), to replace the Consolidations. They pulled well, but the crews were overcome by the gasses, and they could not see ahead, due their length.

To solve these problems, Baldwin delivered 15 MC-2 class locomotives in 1909, where the tender was attached at the smoke box end, and the fuel oil was piped the length of the engine at 5lbs pressure from the tender to the firebox. By 1913, there were 46 of these locomotives, most of which were later converted from compound to simple. In 1911, 12 Mallet Mogul (MM-2) cab-forward 2-6-6-2's were built for passenger work. Four wheel pilot trucks were added due to excessive flange wear that caused derailments. By the 1930's , SP had a total for 257 cab-forward locomotives.

Info: URL: http://www.steamlocomotive.com/locobase.php?country=USA&wheel=4-8-8-2 (Added: 3-Jan-1999)
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CB&Q RR Class Diagrams: Steam Locomotives, Waycars
Diagrams of CB&Q steam engines
Info: URL: http://www.home.earthlink.net/~vnlbeck/ (Added: 21-Nov-2002)
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Climax - The Climax Locomotive
Preserving the history of the Climax Patent Geared Locomotive and its inventor, Charles D. Scott. We hope you will find the information and photographs contained on this page to be a valuable reference about these unique locomotives that were produced for over forty years by the Climax Manufacturing Company of Corry, Pennsylvania.
Info: URL: http://www.trainweb.org/climaxlocos/ (Added: 6-May-1999)
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