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Railroad Links Directory: Top : Freight Railroads : Shortline Railroads : Page 7

Freight Railroads : Shortline Railroads

Links to regional and shortline railroads. These sites are official railroad sponsored websites. For "railfan" websites, see our  Specific Railroad and Historical Society links sections. You can find links to locomotive roster information on our Rosters page.

There are 256 links in this category

Commonwealth Railway (CWRY)
The Commonwealth Railway (CWRY) is a 19-mile short line freight railroad serving the Virginia Port Authority and interchanging with CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern. Commodities transported include intermodal containers and chemicals. The CWRY was acquired by Genesee & Wyoming in 1996.
Info: URL: https://www.gwrr.com/railroads/north_america/commonwealth_railway#m_tab-one-panel (Added: 2-May-2012)
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Conecuh Valley Railroad (COEH)
The Conecuh Valley Railroad (COEH) operates over 12 miles of track southwest from Troy, AL to Goshen, AL. 

The COEH interchanges with CSX at Troy, AL and handles approximately 3,000 carloads per year. Major commodities that travel over the COEH include poultry feed ingredients, plastic, lead, vegetable oil and food products.

Its direct connection to a Class I carrier allows the CFE to link local communities in Alabama to the national railroad network as well as the economic benefits that flow from that network.

Info: URL: https://www.gwrr.com/railroads/north_america/conecuh_valley_railroad#m_tab-one-panel (Added: 5-Mar-2013)
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Connecticut Southern (CSO)
Hartford, CT - The Connecticut Southern Railroad (CSO) operates about 77 miles of track in Connecticut and Massachusetts. The CSO interchanges with the CSXT at West Springfield, MA and New Haven, CT. Although the CSO covers only about 77 miles, it provides critical interchanges with the CSXT for customers moving steel beams, construction debris, lumber, malt liquors and pulpboard.

Several major recycling companies are located on the CSO and are dependent upon this road for movement of material to and from their facilities. CSO provides transportation of these materials economically and in bulk for easier handling by these recycling companies.

Info: URL: https://www.gwrr.com/railroads/north_america/connecticut_southern_railroad#m_tab-one-panel (Added: 21-Dec-2000)
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Consolidated Rail Corporation (CONRAIL)
In the spring of 1997, Norfolk Southern Corporation and CSX Corporation agreed to acquire Conrail through a joint stock purchase. The Surface Transportation Board officially approved the acquisition and restructuring of Conrail on July 23, 1998. The approved restructuring plan transformed Conrail into a switching and terminal railroad that operates on behalf of its owners, Norfolk Southern and CSX, in the Shared Assets Areas of Northern New Jersey, Southern New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Detroit.
Info: URL: http://www.conrail.com (Added: 12-Jun-2000)
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Corpus Christi Terminal Railroad (CCPN)
The Corpus Christi Terminal Railroad (CCPN) is a 30-mile short line freight railroad serving the Port of Corpus Christi and interchanging with BNSF Railway, Kansas City Southern and Union Pacific Railroad. Commodities transported include aggregates, brick and cement, chemicals, ethanol, food and feed products, machinery, minerals and stone, and petroleum products. The CCPN was acquired by Genesee & Wyoming in 1997.
Info: URL: https://www.gwrr.com/railroads/north_america/corpus_christi_terminal_railroad#m_tab-one-panel (Added: 2-May-2012)
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Dallas, Garland & Northeastern (DGNO)
The Dallas, Garland & Northeastern (DGNO) is a complex switching terminal that started operations in 1992 and is made up of a conglomeration of spurs and industrial leads. It operates 187 miles of rail line in the Dallas and north Dallas area, using a combination of owned and leased lines as well as trackage rights.

The DGNO interchanges with the Union Pacific Railroad at Dallas, Denison and Texarkana Texas. Also has interchanges with the Kansas City Railroad at Dallas and Greenville, Texas and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe at Irving and Sherman, Texas.

DGNO customers enjoy service their main commodities of aggregates, scrap metals, lumber, paper, wheat, corn syrup, military equipment, frozen foods, plastic resins and chemicals. As you can see if our customers, which rank among large national accounts, need to ship it; the DGNO can move it.

DGNO features extensive switching services and line haul extensions for our Class I partners. We operate a seven-day per week service plan offering some customers/locations more than one switch per day based on volumes and requirements.

As the DGNO serves a number of industrial parks, there is great potential for new customer location in these rail-served locations.

Info: URL: https://www.gwrr.com/railroads/north_america/dallas_garland_northeastern_railroad#m_tab-one-panel (Added: 23-Jun-2001)
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Decatur Junction Railway Co. (DT)
The Decatur Junction Railway Co. (DT), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pioneer Railcorp, operates 38 miles of track from Assumption to Cisco, Illinois. The railroad's principal commodities are grain, fertilizer and plastics.
Info: URL: http://www.pioneer-railcorp.com/dt.html (Added: 23-Jul-2000)
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Delta Southern Railroad
Delta Southern Railroad Company, headquartered in Tallulah, Louisiana, is a short line freight railroad with 163 miles of track in Louisiana and Arkansas. DSRR has three lines:

(1) Tallulah, Louisiana (KCS connection) to McGehee, Arkansas (UP connection) - 103.4 miles (2) McGehee, Arkansas (UP connection) to Warren, Arkansas (KCS connection) - 45 miles (3) Sterlington, Louisiana to Monroe, Louisiana (UP connection) - 15 miles.

Traffic on the McGehee-KCS line includes grain/agricultural products, cotton, coal and chemicals and serves two Mississippi River barge transfer ports. Fertilizer, forest products, chemicals and sand clay are carried on the Sterlington to Monroe line. Traffic on the McGehee to Warren line includes forest products, soda ash and aggregates.

Info: URL: http://www.deltasouthernrailroad.com (Added: 6-Oct-2001)
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Denver Rock Island Railroad
Denver, CO area. The Denver Rock Island Railroad is a short line railroad founded in 1993 and is privately owned and operated. The DRIR consists of three seperate terminal switching yards: North Washington Park, Stockyards, and Airlawn. The railroad serves it's customers and interchanges rail cars from both the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern railroads 6 days per week. The DRIR has many transloading opportunities with space available
Info: URL: http://www.denverrockisland.com/ (Added: 27-Oct-2016)
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East Tennessee Railway (ETRY)
The East Tennessee Railway (ETRY) is a 14-mile short line freight railroad that interchanges with CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern. Commodities transported include chemicals, food and feed products, forest products, and steel and scrap. The ETRY was acquired by Genesee & Wyoming in 2005.
Info: URL: https://www.gwrr.com/railroads/north_america/east_tennessee_railway#m_tab-one-panel (Added: 2-May-2012)
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